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Featured Product from ETEL S.A.

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The new ACCURET+ stands for ultimate performance, a demonstration of ETEL’s finest tradition in motion control. After years of success with the AccurET family, the ACCURET+ represents the 4th generation of position controllers designed to support another decade of ever demanding advanced motion control applications. The first two members of the portfolio are the ACCURET+100 and the ACCURET+300. These controllers are compatible with all members of the AccurET family with a wider range of current levels in the same modular design.

This design renders the integration of the ACCURET+ position controllers in the machine very easy and offers a very compact solution:

  • Each controller can drive two axes and a single power supply can be used for multiple ACCURET+ sharing the same DC bus voltage.
  • A wider form-factor version is available allowing the insertion of optional boards, such as the ULTIMET LIGHT TCP/IP motion controller.
  • Simplified power and communication wiring as well as a compact cooling unit, make the machine installation and maintenance easy to perform.
  • No rack is needed, making the required volume only dependent on the number of driven axes.

Machine builders will appreciate this cost effective, compact, quickly integrated, and easy to replace design in the field.