Custom 0.080” Replacement Tip with a 90° bend

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Custom is our standard when it comes to ensuring our products are able to fulfill testing requirements. E-Z-Hook’s most recent customization for Probe Model 40 Long-Handle Test Probe replacement tip is our 9497 90-degree bend replacement tip. It is a modification of our 9400 0.080” Replacement extended tip. At any angle, our replacement tips are perfect for your battery testing needs.

Our Model 40 Long-Handle Test Probe has a clear acrylic 30-inch handle that can be unscrewed into two 15-inch halves for easy storage. All long-handle test probes come with our replacement tip 9398 as its standard tip.

Additional available replacement tips are our 9399 0.080” 45-degree bend replacement tip and our 9400 0.080” Replacement extended tip with our Model 40 Long Handle Test Probe.

All replacement tips and Long-Handle probes are available in Red or Black and in a R/B set. Test lead lengths 36, 48, and 60 inches with a variety of plugs and sockets. Lead lengths does not include probe handle lengths.

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