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Extension Tool for Deployable Connectors w/ Wire Cutter Attachment - The XB-DEPLOY Kit

The XB-DEPLOY kit provides rapid, safe, and accurate diagnostics of wire in hard to reach places with the slim and long extension tool that attaches to deployable connectors and the wire cutter attachment. A toolkit designed for rapid diagnostics of electronic circuit wires up to 1.1 feet away via a 10 mm hole or gap for the extension tool to grab wire and release connector for handsfree testing in tight spaces or cut wire without having to reach the desired location by hand. The extension tool is designed specifically to be used to deploy E-Z-Hook's XB insulation-piercing wire clamp (probe) connectors that are soldered to test leads and any of E-Z-Hook's connectors for countless combinations. Contact factory for custom qoute or purchase the already assembled 236XB test lead with an XB wire clamp to stacking banana plug test lead avaliable for purchase online. These parts are most often used in the Defense, Government, EOD, IEDD, Bomb Squad Technicians, FBI, CIA, and Military to delicatly pierce wire without having to stip or cut it to maintain wire integrity and not disrupt electrical connections in tactical enviroments.


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Kit Includes:

  • (1) deployable extension tool
  • (3) allen thumb screws
  • (1) wire cutter attachment (hole puncher)
  • (1) zippered tool pouch. 


Features of the Extension Tool:

  • The deployable extension tool attaches to the 236XB-7 insulation-piercing wire clamp connector on a test lead or the screw on wire cutter attachment. Both uses allow users to either deploy a test lead or cut wire in tight spaces. Modular enabling.
  • Made of anodized aluminum, length of 13.25 in (33.655 cm).
  • Fully insulated heat shrink shaft provides maximum protection against corrosion and contact with other metals.
  • Easy to grasp T-handle allows user to engage the allen thumb screw to lock and deploy the wire clamp connector.
  • Threaded and slotted end of extension tool ensures a secure method of fastening attachments.


Extension Tool Attachments / Compatible Parts:

  • The allen thumb screws can also be used to engage (clamp down on/tighten) or release (loosen) the 236XB-7 wire clamp connectors when the extension tool isn’t required. Any allen socket tool may also be used.

  • The modified XB wire clamp connector designed to fit onto this extension tool is soldered onto the 236XB-7 test lead to stacking banana plug, but the banana plug can be replaced by any other E-Z-Hook connector upon request. Contact factory for quote.


Shown in Picture: XB-DEPLOY kit, 236XB-7 test lead (sold separately)




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In a continuously evolving technological age with industry requirements changing daily, our goal is to provide clients with products manufactured to meet their new industry requirements. With that in mind, E-Z-Hook operates with a CUSTOM IS STANDARD philosophy. Based on this philosophy, E-Z-Hook provides customers the ability to tailor and customize existing products to meet their unique testing requirements. In the past we have provided: custom wire lead and cable lengths, attached any two or more connector combinations on a lead or cable, modified hook bends, springs, and plating specifications, used special packaging, added product numbering with heat shrink or hot stamp product labels, created custom kits even with integrating external products when requested, and more. If our current product offerings do not fit with your testing requirements, contact our engineering team to design a product that will work for you!




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