Ribbon Cables

Featured Product from E-Z-HOOK

For general purpose electronic interconnect applications, E-Z-Hook's ribbon cable is designed with a .050" pitch and is available with 14, 16, 20, and 40 conductors. The cable is provided in a 28 gauge stranded wire with a laminated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating and a red polarity strip for proper circuit alignment. The ribbon cable provides reliable mass-termination to standard .100" contact IDC connectors, and the tear feature design permits easy separation of conductors for test leads and breakouts to be added.

E-Z-Hook offers multi-stranded flexible test lead wire, coaxial cable, and ribbon cable included in our wire and cable collection. Test lead wire is provided in an array of gauges, insulations, and colors to meet the requirements of our customers. Our extensive line of coaxial cables accommodates the testing needs of our clients with the highest quality at affordable prices. Wire and cable is available in various length spools as well as pre-assembled into test leads and cable assemblies.