2-96V Lead Acid Battery Regenerator & Charger

Featured Product from Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC

The BR-500 Battery Regenerator & Charger is a multi-functional, universal 3-in-1 regenerator for 2 - 96V lead-acid batteries. By using intelligent smart control pulsing technology to increase battery capacity, Eagle Eye’s regenerators and battery chargers are the most advanced and effective in the industry. The regeneration process minimizes damage of electrode plates by using the optimized high frequency pulse technology to successfully remove sulfation. The current pulses and converts sulfate crystals back to liquid molecules in the electrolyte.

The BR-500 automatically controls voltage and current per type of battery. The built-in software algorithm searches for the optimum frequency to restore battery capacity by using a built-in microprocessor, allowing faster regeneration speeds. Increase battery recharging efficiency and prolong battery lifespan with the BR-500 Battery Regenerator.

Regenerating and charging begins in 5-simple steps using the 8-inch touch screen display. Easily view history and save & print reports when results are transferred from the BR-500 to a PC via USB Drive. The reports allow a detailed analysis of the regenerating and charging process. To start the regeneration process: 1) select a battery type 2) select the battery voltage 3) select the battery capacity 4) review the set-up options and press START. After finishing the regeneration process, a result screen is shown that shows the set-up mode, voltage, capacity, and total time. The BR-500 also has a graph option that allows the user to view the voltage and current supply in real-time during regeneration. Equipped safety features include over-voltage, over-temperature and surge protection.

The BR-500 Includes:

  • BR-500 Battery Regenerator & Charger
  • Regenerator Cables
  • AC Power Cord
  • User Manual

Lead-acid batteries have an industry-standard battery life of 5 to 7 years (1500 to 2100 charge/discharge cycles). Poor operating practices and battery neglect can lead to a shortened lifespan and battery failure. Common battery failure factors include low electrolyte level, overcharging & undercharging, and deep discharge cycles. Improper battery maintenance will result in costly and premature replacement costs. Regenerating and desulfating damaged batteries will bring battery health to like-new condition, increase battery performance, use less energy consumption when charging, and ultimately save money in battery replacement costs!

If you are regenerating 6, 8, or 12V batteries, learn more about our BR-200 Battery Regenerator. The BR-200 is a compact, cost-effective and easy-to-use battery regenerator that utilizes the same high frequency pulse technology to regenerate lead-acid, AGM, or GEL batteries.