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Process Optimization Using Proper Flow Measurement

Featured Product from Eastern Instruments

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Optimize your process by understanding what is occurring within that process using solids flow measurement as a guide.

Nearly every industry, from agriculture to the pharmacuetical industry; from food production to construction and beyond, utilize some sort of solid (powders, granules, chips or chunks) as a raw ingredient or feed stock in their process; and without exception, all of these industries strive to optimize their processes, making them more efficient, more cost effective and more reliable. In order to better a process, however, (in order to make the necessary changes) you have to know what is occurring in the first place. Ideally, that means measuring the input and output of the process in order to understand, for instance, the optimal settings for machinery, or the best ratio for mixing ingredients. Because dry bulk solids are such an important part of many processes, being able to accurately measure them is critical to the efficiency of any production process.

Below are just a few of the processes that have been optimized using the highly accurate solids flow measurement delivered by the CentriFlow from Eastern Instruments:

  • Unloading Trucks or Railcars
  • Measuring the Input/Output of Other Equipment (Hammermills, Roasters, etc)
  • Blending of Multiple Ingredients
  • Measuring Granules, Pellets or Chips for Proper Coating
  • Filling Trucks or Railcars
  • And Much More...