A New Era in Precision Air Flow Measurement

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Eastern Instruments introduces the QVT Smart Multivariable DP Transmitter. The QVT is a Smart Transmitter that can be used for the accurate measurement of up to four separate process variables including Differential Pressure, Temperature and Absolute Pressure. When coupled with any DP based flow measurement element, the QVT will calculate the fully compensated mass flow of air/gas travelling through any process which is at or near atmospheric pressure (5 - 25 psia). The typical operating range of the QVT is between 0.0009 and 9.9 in WC. Its high accuracy, especially at such low flow rates, is due in part to its unique process seal which requires no diaphragm seal. Due to condensate, diaphragm seals often cause inaccuracies in alternate technology's sensor readings. Visit our website to learn more about this exciting new technology.


  • Modes of Operation: Multivariable Transmitter (measurement of two or more variables including DP, Temperature and Absolute Pressure); DP Transmitter (DP measurement only)
  • DP Measurement: Measurement of Differential Pressure across any primary flow element such as VAP Averaging Pitots or HBP Flow Conditioners
  • AP Measurement: Measurement of Absolute Pressure (integral AP sensor is tied to the low port of the primary flow element)
  • Temperature Measurement: Measurement of Temperature via 100 ohm 3-wire Class A DIN Platinum RTD
  • Process Seal: Our unique method of isolating sensors from the process requires no diaphragm seal and can be further enhanced by using a Purge Seal (Low Volume Continuous Purge coupled directly to transmitter)
  • Flow Accuracy: Accuracy of flow measurement as high as +/-0.50% of reading over a 100:1 range in DP and a 10:1 range in flow
  • Rangeability: Can be ranged from 0 to 0.1 in WC up to 0 to 8 in WC
  • Response Time: Updates flow calculation 10 times a second
  • Functionality: All measured and calculated variables are available on LCD panel
  • Output: 4-20 mA Compensated flow output using measured/input values for Differential Pressure, Absolute Pressure and Temperature (Can also be a single variable output)
  • Simplicity: Ae and the 4-20 mA full scale value are set from the LCD panel's push buttons
  • Zero: Differential Pressure can be zeroed from the LCD/push button interface
  • Power Supply: Loop Power 8.8 to 42.5 vDC range
  • Versatility: LCD can be rotated independently of the head (LCD rotates 270o and the head can rotate 180o for ultimate adjustability)