Accurate Flow Measurement...From A Feeder

Featured Product from Eastern Instruments


The CentriFeeder™ with Integrated Control Valve accurately measures and controls the flow of any dry, free-flowing solid. Through the use of a highly customizable touch screen HMI, a PID control loop is established that regulates the integrated control valve feeding our patented CentriFlow® Meter. The outcome is an easily maintained consistent flow that can, under some conditions, be controlled over a 100:1 range, for batching, ratio-control or for any application where a controlled flow is required.

Features and Benefits

  • Accuracy: Exceptionally accurate over a large turndown range
  • Adaptability: Equipped with an integrated, low rpm, AC, brushless Servo
  • Precision: An Integral Linear Position Sensor regulates blade position to within 1 part in 1000 (based on stroke)
  • Consistency: Control can be maintained over a 100:1 range
  • Functionality: A Virtual Flow Stop™ function stops flow with virtually no damage to your product
  • Optimization: Customizable sizes, flow surfaces and flow enhancement devices allow complete system optimization
  • Efficiency: Replaces problematic devices like weigh-belts with both flow measurement and flow control in a single unit
  • Fast: Opens from closed start to a set point in as little as 1 second
  • Flexibility: Fluctuations in elasticity, density, shape or friction do not affect accuracy

Endless Possibilities

Some applications for the CentriFeeder™ with Integrated Control Valve include:

Measuring and Controlling the Flow of a Single Product: Accomplished through the use of a single CentriFeeder™ equipped with standard HMI programming.

Measuring and Controlling the Flow of Multiple Products:
Accomplished through the use of Multiple CentriFeeder™ devices equipped with standard HMI programming, working independently of each other.
Measuring and Controlling the Flow of Ingredients for a Recipe: Accomplished through the use of multiple CentriFeeder™ devices linked to a centralized, Master HMI that can control the flow of multiple products via a recipe entered into the Master HMI.