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Accurate Mass Flow Measurement: Aluminum Cans

Featured Product from Eastern Instruments

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The CentriFlow Meter from Eastern Instruments is a solid particle mass flow measurement device that accurately measures the flow of product while in process. Below is a product test video showing the CentriFlow Meter measuring the flow of aluminum cans.

The CentriFlow Low Density Meter, or LDM, is a specialized version of the CentriFlow® Type I Meter designed to measure low density materials with densities typically lower than 10 lb/ft3. As many low density materials are also bulky materials comprised of larger particles, the Pan radius has been doubled to allow for these larger particle materials. The CentriFlow® LDM Meter is perfect for a variety of bulky low density materials including tobacco leaves, wood chips, leafy vegetables, hay, ground plastic bags or even crushed Aluminum Cans. Available in many sizes, the LDM Meter can accommodate almost any product that is being fed from a belt or vibratory conveyor.