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Expanding Bulk Solids Mass Flow Measurement

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Choosing Your Solids Flow Meter

Gravimetric solids flow measurement offers greater control and long term accuracy than alternatives such as volumetric scales and feeders, but not all gravimetric flow meters achieve the same level of accuracy and control. While both weigh belts and loss-in-weight feeders are gravimetric devices, they too are prone to error with even slight variations in particle size and density. The key to achieving the best results with a gravimetric solids measurement device is the proper presentation of material to the measurement surface in a way that maximizes measurement surface contact (for higher accuracy) and keeps the measurement surface filled (as a method of self-cleaning). Utilizing the patented CentriFlow® Technology Eastern Instruments' Solids Flow Measurement Product Line offers accurate, cost-effective and simple solutions for your process measurement needs.


Nothing Too Light

The CentriFlow® Meter can be used to measure a variety of products ranging in size, shape, elasticity and even density. The accuracy of the CentriFlow® is remarkable even on products with extremely low densities such as shredded plastic bags. With a density of around 1 - 2 lb/ft3 and a flow rate of under 5,000lb/hr, this product may seem too light to measure, but our LDM-Low Density CentriFlow® Meter makes it possible.

Nothing Too Heavy

Not only can we measure extremely light materials like shredded bags, but we can also measure extremely dense materials and at extremely high flow rates. Iron Ore can exceed 160 lb/ft3 and can reach flow rates of nearly 500 Tons/hr in some mining processes, but densities and flow rates of this magnitude are easily handled by our newly expanded solids flow measurement product line.

Nothing Too...

We can accurately measure both extremely light and extremely dense materials, but some of the materials that we have measured do not fit so nicely into categories. One such material is ground animal remains including bone, tissue and hair. Another material we have measured is partially dried fish meal, comprised of fish that have been pressed and ground in order to extract fish oil from them. Although these materials are irregular in size, shape and density, Eastern Instruments can measure them, enabling your process to continue running smoothly, accurately and efficiently.