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Inexpensive, Accurate Alternative to Impact Meters

Featured Product from Eastern Instruments

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Centripetal Force based flow meters are an extremely accurate alternative to Impact Flow Meters and can offer a great deal of savings for many applications in a variety of industries. One such example of Centripetal Force based flow meters are the complete line of CentriFlow Meters from Eastern Instruments.

Centripetal Force Based Flow Meters

Utilizing the principal of centripetal force, Centripetal Force based flow meters such as the CentriFlow Meter, measure product flow as product is dropped vertically through the meter and is forced around a curved measurement pan or chute. As the product slides through the curved measurement pan (rather than impacting it), a force is generated against the measurement pan. This force is measured using a load cell or transducer that is located behind the pan. The output of the transducer is then processed to provide a flow rate signal and integrated to provide a totalization signal.


The CentriFlow Meter typically provides an accuracy of measurement ranging from 0.25% - 0.50% on most flowable solids.


The CentriFlow line of meters have virtually no moving parts and are, therefore, extremely rugged and have almost no required wear parts.


The CentriFlow line of meters have a wide variety of options and models available for any application. An extreme accuracy version is available for applications where accuracy is of main concern. For applications where cost is a major factor, a low cost version of meter is available.