Low DP Multivariable Transmitter

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The QVT allows for precise and accurate air flow measurement of differential pressure from 9 in WC down to 0.0009 in WC and allows for the measurement of up to 4 variables at once, including Differential Pressure, Absolute Pressure and Process Temperature. The QVT will output a 4-20 mA signal corresponding to Differential Pressure or Flow.


  • Modes of Operation: Multivariable or DP Only
  • Operating Range: 10000:1 (0.0009 in WC to 9 in WC)
  • Flow Accuracy: +/-0.50% of Reading over 100:1 DP Range (10:1 flow)
  • Rangeability: (0 to 0.05 in WC) up to (0 to 8) in WC
  • Simplicity: Ae and 4-20 mA Full Scale are set via LCD Push Buttons
  • Power Supply: Loop Powered
  • Versatility: High Accuracy and Extreme Accuracy Models Available