Measuring Differential Pressure Under 0.5 in WC?

Featured Product from Eastern Instruments

The QVT is a loop powered microprocessor based multivariable smart transmitter, which will simultaneously measure the differential pressure, absolute pressure, and temperature of air within your duct. It provides a live density computation and mass flow rate computation, which is compensated for the density it calculates. It is designed for use in low differential pressure applications that have differential pressures of below 8 inches of water column. Some of its features include:

      • DP Operating Range is 10000:1 (0.0009 in WC to 9.0 in WC)
      • +/-0.50% of Reading Accuracy over 10:1 Flow Range
      • Can be ranged from 0 - 0.05 in WC up to 0 - 8 in WC
      • Updates Flow Calculation 10 times per second
      • 4-20 mA Output of DP only or Flow
      • Loop Powered
      • Can be Used With Any DP Based Flow Element