Prepare for Winter with Heated Air Flow Pitots

Featured Product from Eastern Instruments

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The Integral Heated Pitot from Eastern Instruments allows accurate air flow measurement in any location where freezing temperatures and ice build up are present.

The VAP Integral Heated Pitot utilizes the original VAP Pitot technology to deliver an extremely accurate differential pressure output, while expanding the traditional temperature ranges handled by the pitots. Retaining the versatility and accuracy of the original VAP Pitot, the Integral Heated Pitot allows accurate air flow measurement in any location where ice build up is present, including in ducts that see temperatures down to -22 F (-30 C). Some applications include, the surrounding areas of cooling towers and in locations that are prone to freezing rain.

Some of the Heated Pitots' features include:

  • Over-Temp. Remote Trip Controller set to 75° C
  • Temperature Controller set at 10° C
  • Low and High Temperature Alarm Contacts
  • Single Units up to 72"
  • Multiple Unit array capability for larger ducts
  • Clean air and particulate-laden air flow models available