QVT Multivariable Transmitter: Low DP Applications

Featured Product from Eastern Instruments

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The QVT Multivariable Transmitter from Eastern Instruments is a Smart Transmitter that can be used to measure up to four separate process variables that include Differential Pressure (DP), Temperature and Absolute Pressure. The QVT Multivariable Transmitter can be coupled with any DP based flow element such as averaging pitots, orifice plates, etc to deliver an extremely accurate and fully compensated mass flow signal.  The QVT will work for any application in which air and/or gas is travelling through duct work  at or near atmospheric pressure (5 - 25 psia).

 The QVT is uniquely designed for high accuracy at very low DP ranges and can be scaled anywhere from 8 in WC down to 0.1 in WC.  Its high accuracy, especially at very low DP ranges, is due in part to its unique process seal which eliminates the need for a diaphragm seal. Diaphragm seals often cause inaccuracies in a transmitter's sensor readings because of the potential for condensate accumulation on the diaphragm.  With flow measurement accuracies as high as +/-0.50% of Reading, and with an operating range from 10 in WC down to .001 in WC, the QVT is the first choice in low DP flow measurement.  The output for the QVT is a 4-20 mA signal equivalent to flow and it can be ranged from 8 in WC down to 0.1 in WC.