CPX9000 Clean Power 18 Pulse Drives

Product Announcement from Eaton Corporation - Drives

CPX9000 Clean Power 18 Pulse Drives-Image


The CPX9000 Clean Power Drives use advanced 18-pulse, clean power technology that significantly reduces line harmonics at the drive input terminals, resulting in one of the purest sinusoidal wave forms available.

Enhancements to the CPX9000 Clean Power Drives include smaller enclosures and higher temperature ratings that the CP9000 for selected drives.

The CPX9000 drive also delivers True Power Factor - in addition to reducing harmonic distortion, the CPX9000 drive prevents transformer overheating and overloading of breakers and feeders, which enables the application of adjustable frequency drives on generators and other high impedance power systems.

Features & Benefits

  • 25 - 150hp VT drives available in 30" enclosure
  • 200 and 250hp VT drives available in 48" enclosure
  • 300 - 400hp VT drives available in 60" enclosure
  • NEMA Type 1, NEMA Type 1 with Gaskets and Filters
  • Input Voltage: 480V
  • Complete range of control, network and power options
  • Horsepower range: 480V, 25 - 700hp CT; 25 - 800hp VT
  • Over ten years of 18-pulse Clean Power experience

For more information on CPX9000, visit Eaton's Product Page or send an email by clicking the link on the right side of this page.