IFPM 72 Fluid Purifier System

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IFPM 72 Fluid Purifier System-Image

The improved, fully automated, mobile IFPM 72 system removes damaging foreign substances – water, particulate contamination and dissolved gasses – from hydraulic and lubrication systems to increase capacity and enhance efficiency in demanding applications.

A portable and environmentally friendly solution, the IFPM 72 system is designed with the operator in mind. Some of the advanced technology features include a new user-friendly touch display, automatic shutdown, and continuous measurement of fluid temperature, water saturation and filter flow-through rates.

The operating principle of the IFPM 72 system is based on vacuum evaporation, drawing contaminated fluid in and heating it to increase filtration speed. The cleaned fluid is then drawn out through a high efficiency particulate removal filter and then sent back to the system, where an installed water sensor allows for permanent control of the fluid saturation. This mechanism combines high water separation rates with efficient energy usage for a variety of applications, including hydraulic and lubrication oils and biodegradable fluids.