Tote Box Tilter

Featured Product from Econo Lift Limited

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Econo Lift portable Tote Box Tilter is designed to make the lifting, handling and positioning of small parts containers easy on the worker's back. It makes parts easily reachable, prevents back strain, and increases productivity.

Tilts hydraulically to 94°

Makes parts easily reachable
- Prevents back strain
- Increases productivity.


  • D/C Battery - Joy Stick Controlled
  • Air/Hydraulic - Foot Pedal (80 p.s.i., 20 c.f.m. min.) with hand held pendants optional
  • A/C 115/60/1 - Hand Held Pendant


  • Forks - longer/shorter, higher / lower to 3", wider / narrower
  • Tray attachment
  • Height of backplate at 90° can be higher or lower