Coiling for compression springs

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Economy Spring & Stamping
Economy Spring & Stamping is a manufacturer of precision and custom wire forms, metal stampings, coil springs, tubular components, and product assemblies, optimized for the medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and industrial markets. We provide prototype services with our in-house tool engineering and preliminary pilot production that helps support initial device development programs. Production is supported by our highspeed, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.
The manufacturing capabilities we employ include coiling for compression springs, bending/winding complex part shapes in our CNC wire forming machines, production of fourslide components, and progressive stamping of technical metal components. Our manufacturing areas work with round material, shaped material, and tube stock. The Economy Spring engineering team is always available to assist customers with development of their product parameters, optimizing the design intent or helping with product packaging considerations that will help facilitate line-automation techniques.
Our manufacturing environment provides project support through advanced quality planning and precision production methods through our skilled engineering. Customer satisfaction stems from our versatility and continuous improvement methodology that continue to assure product compliance. These qualities are inherent with all of the components that are manufactured with our equipment.

Economy Spring & Stamping 
Economy Spring & Stamping manufactures custom precision wire forms, metal stampings, coiled springs (or compression springs) torsion springs and product assemblies that are utilized throughout the medical, aerospace and industrial markets.