EFI Alloy 79 Soft Magnetic Alloy

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EFI Alloy 79 Soft Magnetic alloy, also known as Magnifer 7904, Carpenter HyMu 80, Hipernom, Moly-Permalloy, and Permalloy 80, is a soft magnetic alloy consisting of 80% Nickel, 5% Molybdenum, and balance Iron. Alloy 79 is used where extremely high initial & maximum permeability and minimum hysteresis is needed, in applications such as electro-magnetic shielding, specialty transformer laminations, toroidal tape wound cores,

high quality motor laminations, stepping motors.

Ed Fagan Inc. stocks EFI Alloy 79 rod, sheet, coil and square bar, and can cut, slit or centerless grind these to your specifications, and we also have tremendous versatility when it comes to custom sizes, packages, and unusual materials.

If you need EFI Alloy 79 or other special purpose alloys for high technology applications, call Ed Fagan Inc. All standard in-stock EFI Alloy 79 items can be shipped within 24 hours - and are often shipped the same day - and all materials can be certified with shipment.

EFI stocks a wide range of soft magnetic alloys, in a variety of forms and conditions including VIM VAR Core Iron (also know as Carpenter Vacumet Consumet Core Iron), EFI Alloy 50 (also know as Magnifer 50, Carpenter High Permeability 49, and Alloy 4750), and Hiperco 50.

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