DewTech 390 Precision Low Dew Point Hygrometer

Featured Product from Edgetech Instruments Inc.

The DewTech 390 Precision Hygrometer offers low dew/frost point or trace moisture measurement at a very attractive price.

At the core of the DewTech 390 is a three stage, Peltier cooled chilled mirror sensor. For peak efficiency, the performance of the Peltier is maximized through an integral cryo-cooling refrigeration system. Ideal for metrology labs, scientific research and process measurements over the range of -90°C to +20°C dew/frost point, standard configurations include benchtop or 19-inch rack mount.

The DewTech 390 offers many standard features including:

  • Primary method measurement technique
  • Standard accuracy of +0.2°C dew/frost point, optional +0.1°C dew/frost point
  • Front access sensor for easy cleaning and inspection
  • Available with standard or high performance, chemically resistant sensor
  • Automatic Balance Control corrects for mirror contaminants

Based on the primary method chilled mirror measurement technique for the determination of the dew/frost point temperature of gases, each DewTech 390 arrives fully certified and is provided with a NIST traceability certificate. Certification is performed in the company's ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratory

The DewTech 390 features a user friendly display panel, an easy access sensor, multiple outputs and alarms capability.