Wide Range, Robust X3 Dew/Frost Point Sensor

Featured Product from Edgetech Instruments Inc.

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The new X3 Chilled Mirror Dew/Frost Point Sensor can be used with a variety of Edgetech Instruments' precision hygrometers. The X3 uses a specially designed chilled mirror sensor to accurately measure dew/frost point or moisture concentration in aggressive process, semiconductor, or laboratory gases.

The primary method chilled mirror technique measures dew/frost point directly with very high accuracy. As an added benefit to measurement precision and chemical resistance, the X3's minimized sample cavity results in rapid dry-down times, fast response, and quick detection of upset conditions.

The X3 Sensor is modular in design to accommodate various configurations, materials of construction and dew/frost point measurement ranges. Based on the demands of the application, the sensor housing, mirror and optical window wetted parts and fittings are available in standard or corrosion resistant materials and in standard or high purity configurations.

Depending on the desired dew/frost point range, X3 Chilled Mirror Sensors are available with air convection, high efficiency fan, liquid or cryogenic cooling. The X3 may be used with portable or stationary Edgetech Instruments hygrometers.

Edgetech Instruments designs and manufacturers accurate and reliable absolute humidity hygrometers, relative humidity transmitters, humidity probes, moisture and dew/frost point analyzers, relative humidity calibrators, dew/frost point generators and oxygen measurement instrumentation. Edgetech Instruments products are manufactured, calibrated and serviced to the highest industry standards in a modern, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited, ISO 9001:2015 registered facility located in Hudson, Massachusetts. All certifications and calibrations are traceable to NIST.


  • Improved chemically resistant sensor housing and mirror eliminate sensor failures when measuring Dew/Frost point in aggressive chemical background gases
  • Chamber design and high efficiency heat exchanger result in the ability to measure very low dew points
  • Hinged cover plate allows easy access to the mirror for cleaning and inspection
  • Reduced cavity sample chamber speeds up sample sweeping resulting in rapid dry-down time after exposure to high moisture levels
  • Super-Fast reaction time in detecting upset conditions from dry atmospheres can improve product yields and eliminate process down-times
  • Rugged, industrial electrical connectors and easy access slim line signal harness simplify installation and maintenance