Application Engineering

Product Announcement from Edmund Optics Inc.

Application Engineering-Image

Edmund Optics' engineers are uniquely qualified to offer a number of application-oriented services and provide optimum solutions to any real-world challenge. Skilled optics and imaging system integrators, they have a thorough knowledge of our product lines and even of many items we do not sell. This expertise enables them to specify, test and troubleshoot everything from simple lenses to fully integrated optical systems.

Equipped with powerful tools like our Optikos VideoMTF® Measurement System and workstations running advanced design software, the facilities at our Corporate Headquarters and at our Tucson Design Center further facilitate performing this work. Whether testing and troubleshooting products and sub-assemblies, designing application-specific solutions, or working to design and manufacture new Edmund Optics products, their extensive knowledge, experience and equipment enable us to offer customers a truly better way to buy optics.

"Edmund Optics has played an important role in designing a number of our machine vision systems. I have been able to take advantage of their knowledge and experience of the vast array of ever changing products in the optical field to aid me in my system design. I have, on occasion, shipped them an item I will be imaging and received images under different camera, lens and illumination configurations BEFORE I purchased anything."

Dr. Kim Linder
Honeywell FM&T