Hard Coated Bandpass Interference Filters

Product Announcement from Edmund Optics Inc.

Hard Coated Bandpass Interference Filters-Image

Bandpass Interference Filters are used extensively in a variety of biotech, biomedical, and quantitative chemical applications to selectively transmit a narrow range of wavelengths while blocking all others. Interference filters are widely used in instrumentation for clinical chemistry, environmental testing, colorimetry, elemental and laser line separation, flame photometry, fluorescence, immunoassays, etc. In addition, interference filters are used to select discrete spectral lines from arc or gas discharge lamps (Hg, Xe, Cd, etc.) and to isolate a particular line from Ar, Kr, Nd:YAG, and other lasers. They are often used in conjunction with laser diodes and LEDs. Our filters are available in two types - low-cost "Traditional" Coated Filters, and high-performance "Hard" Coated Filters.