UV Enhanced CCD Spectrometers

Product Announcement from Edmund Optics Inc.

UV Enhanced CCD Spectrometers-Image

These high performance linear array UV Enhanced CCD Spectrometers are optimized for UV performance and available in two spectral configurations: UV (200 - 400nm) and UV-VIS (200 - 850nm). Each spectrometer employs a low stray light optical bench, built in 16-bit digitizer, USB 2.0 interface and an auxiliary port for external trigger and synchronization. The included software is intuitive and easy to use. It incorporates a wide range of features and tools to perform complex measurements and calculation and allows the user to view data in multiple formats.

The Enhanced CCD Spectrometer utilizes the Czerny-Turner layout to minimize the angle of reflection on the grating, thereby reducing stray light and improving aberration correction. Each spectrometer contains two focusing mirrors optimally matched for their f/# and coated with protected aluminum for further improving performance, reliability and throughput. Light is directed into the spectrometer through the SMA 905 adapter onto a 25μm slit providing high spectral resolution of up to 0.45nm. Two grating options are available for UV (200 - 400nm) and UV-VIS (200 - 850nm). Accessories include a multitude of Tungsten and Deuterium/ Tungsten light sources, #63-023 10mn Cuvette Holder, #59-351 UV-VIS Reflectance Probe, #58-583 Fiber Optic Reflectance Sphere, and a number of Fiber Optic Patchcords with SMA connectors and variety of core diameters.