The CXS Chemical Dry Vacuum Pump from Edwards

Product Announcement from Edwards Vacuum

The CXS Chemical Dry Vacuum Pump from Edwards-Image


Exceptional performance even in harsh chemical and pharmaceutical processes, the Edwards CXS dry vacuum pump combines incredible reliability with markedly reduced costs of ownership.

The easy-to-use CXS160 and CXS250 use advanced screw technology, lowering the acoustic output - to a conversation-level 64dB - and improving the handling of both liquids and solids, allowing users to optimise their vacuum processes.

They give deep and flexible vacuum down to 10-3 mbar - with no contamination of the process stream or cooling water with no effluent generation - and are capable of continuous pumping of up to 1 litre per minute or a single 25 litre slug.

Flooded air-gap potted motors that are up to 15% more efficient than standard just add to the novel technologies which contribute to the outstanding performance.

Both CXS pumps are fully ATEX certified for use in hazardous environments, and are explosion-proof and able to pump corrosive gases without corroding to ensure the safest possible handling of flammable gasses.

The CXS160 and CXS250 are available as a standalone unit or a complete system with accessories such as flame arrestors, knockout pots and filters. They are simple to install, easy to operate and use close-coupled and vertically-aligned pumps and boosters to give the smallest possible footprint.

With up to 5 years between services, no routine maintenance and a 25-year design life, the CXS range combines high reliability at a low cost. We feel it will be the benchmark for chemical dry vacuum pumps for years, and even decades, to come.

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