Conformal Coatings Protect Printed Circuit Boards

Product Announcement from ELANTAS PDG, Inc.

Conformal coatings can significantly extend the life of electronic circuits, thus reducing failure rates and improving dependability. Proper coating of a circuit board can reduce the mechanical stress and vibrations on the circuits and its ability to perform in extreme temperatures. Conformal coatings are typically formulated for specific application methods such as brush, dip, and spray.

Give your printed circuit boards an extended life with these top-performing conformal coatings.

ELAN-Tron ® A 5026-21 resins are excellent for low temperature applications. They dry fast and have good flexibility. They are also easily removed for replacement of components, allowing expensive circuit boards to be reworked instead of replaced. They are good for fast processing and they can be brushed, sprayed or dipped.

Bectron ® PL 4122 resins have excellent field history in many demanding applications, including automotive and aerospace safety equipment, and are suitable for popular automated spray equipment. They dry fast and are good for fast processing. They can be brushed, dipped or sprayed and are available in multiple solvent systems.