Product Announcement from ELANTAS PDG, Inc.

ELAN-Safe® resin is safer and easier to work with than conventional impregnating resins. Designed to be UV visible, it is easy to see where the resin has been applied and its low VOC and HAPS free characteristics help create a safer work environment for your employees. Because ELAN-Safe® resin is thinned by water and it is easy to customize for your unique solids content specifications.

ELAN-Safe® resin is a single component waterborne insulating resin perfect for insulating stators and coils used in the OEM motor, transformer and motor repair markets.

ELAN-Safe® resin has a lower VOC than conventional insulating varnishes and is a versatile system suited for the impregnation of both motors and transformers. It is included in UL recognized insulation systems up to Class 240.