Wind Power Generation - Resin Solutions

Product Announcement from ELANTAS PDG, Inc.

Product Summary

Epoxylite®, Pedigree®, RanVar™, and Sterling® insulating resins are perfect for keeping your wind generators in top-performance condition day after day.

Epoxylite® resins are used in over coating and impregnation of armatures, stators and coils in medium voltage motors and generators.

Pedigree® resins are a superior choice for impregnation of stators with long field service history.

RanVar™ resins provide outstanding moisture and chemical resistance in small and large motors (including high voltage motors).

Sterling® resins have excellent stability and have long field history under demanding conditions. Used in the impregnation of small and larger stators.

ELANTAS PDG, Inc. is a team of professionals with access to the latest international research developments and technical advancements in the production of high quality electrical insulation products.

You can count on EPDG's liquid insulation products to produce a sealed system with long term reliability.