ELAN-Film® a flexible, triple layer of insulation

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Changing the dynamics of flexible electrical insulation
ELAN-Film® is a flexible, triple layer of insulation consisting of two layers of industry-proven Tritherm® wire enamel and a single layer of PET film. Download the ELAN-Film® HT-180 brochure.

ELAN-Film® HT-180 Insulation

The Advanced Flexible Electrical Insulation - raising performance to the next level

ELAN-Film® HT-180:

  • is the debut product solution in a new ELANTAS product family, which expands the potential of flexible insulation compared with conventional laminate combinations.
  • is an innovative material ideally matched to the performance required while operating at temperature ranges up to 200 °C, ensuring that electrical machines have a long and reliable service life.
  • is designed for low-voltage  motors and generators to protect insulated copper from the steel core (slot liner) and where phase-to-phase insulation is required.
  • can easily be preformed so it is excellent for use as a slot closure or in areas where formed insulation is essential.
  • is fully compatible with a wide range of impregnating and potting resins.

The ideal solution for manufacturing and operation

Enhanced performance

  • Thermal-ELAN-Film® HT-180 Insulation stands up to constant operation at -20°C to +200 °C and transient temperatures of up to 250 °C without degradation
  • Electrical-ELAN-Film® HT-180 Insulation is a superior alternative to conventional insulation for electrical machines, thanks to its excellent electrical properties.
  • Mechanical-ELAN-Film® HT-180 Insulation Insulation is exceptionally flexible and tear-resistant, so that the material stands up to even the most demanding manufacturing and operating conditions.
  • Chemical-ELAN-Film® HT-180 Insulation Insulation is highly resistant to moisture and chemical influences


Introduction to Flexible Electrical Insulation
The application conditions for any piece of electrical equipment can be extreme. It is therefore vitally important that insulation systems for motors, generators and transformers are designed around the most critical conditions. The right selection of insulating components including Flexible Electrical Insulation for the various voltages and temperature classes is paramount to the integrity of the electrical equipment.
Flexible Electrical Insulation layers protect insulated wires from coming into contact with steel cores, hold wires in place, and provide a phase-to-phase barrier. To protect the conductor and insulation structure against mechanical, electrical, environmental and thermal stress, the whole winding is then consolidated using a compatible resin system. Typical Flexible Electrical Insulation applications are slot liners, phase insulations, wedges and slot closures.

Withstanding extreme constant stresses – mechanical, thermal, chemical and electrical – is a fundamental prerequisite that every insulation material must meet. However, when it comes to Flexible Electrical Insulation, ELANTAS goes beyond that and utilises its extensive knowledge in applications and its patented foundation for polyamideimide wire enamels to develop an entirely new technology: advanced PAI layer technology.

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ELANTAS PDG, Inc. offers a broad portfolio covering a wide range of application areas and market segments. Please select a product group below or see our full list of brochures.

ELANTAS produces insulating materials for the electrical and electronics industry. They are found in electric motors, household appliances, cars, generators, transformers, capacitors, digital cameras, wind mills, computers, lamps, circuit boards, and sensors, and help to ensure that product design engineers can construct eversmaller and more powerful electronic devices, thus saving materials and energy.

Research and Development 
Owing to consistent research and development, continual development of insulating materials and processes, and the fact that ELANTAS has production facilities around the world, the division has established a leading international position for itself and is the world‘s leading manufacturer of wire enamels, impregnating resins and casting materials. This makes ELANTAS the preferred supplier for the electrical insulation industry and the main supplier to large international customers.

Business Lines 
The Division covers the markets through its business lines. The “Wire Enamels” business line offers solutions for various insulation requirements of the coated wire industry. The mechanical stabilization and secondary insulation of coated wire developments and the potting of electrical components are the focus of the business line “Electrical”. For the embedding, encapsulating or coating of electronic components, products of the “Electronic” business line are used.