Flexible Electrical Insulation: The Next Chapter

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Flexible Electrical Insulation An innovative concept for the world of electrical insulation
Flexible Electrical Insulation Innovation Technology
Excellent insulation material performance is critical wherever electrical components have to operate and it is even more so under extreme conditions. This applies whether the insulation material is used in motors, generators, transformers or the electronics industry. Depending on the application, the requirements for the insulation material can vary greatly.

During the design of electrical equipment the prevention of electrical short circuits is always a key consideration. Electrical faults can be caused by many factors including application conditions, electrical and thermal stress and even poor product design. In such circumstances, to prevent failure, insulation materials must have excellent electrical and mechanical properties and yet be sufficiently flexible and durable to withstand the rigours of the manufacturing process and extended operating conditions.

A wire enamel coating protects individual wires from short circuiting. Flexible Electrical Insulation layers protect insulated wires from coming into contact with steel cores, hold wires in place, and provide a phase-to-phase barrier. To protect the conductor and insulation structure against mechanical, electrical, environmental and thermal stress, the whole winding is then consolidated using a compatible resin system.

ELANTAS has used its chemical expertise to develop an advanced flexible insulation in the form of its proprietary product innovation ELAN-Film®. In the face of continually increasing demands on the performance of electrical machines, ELANTAS is bringing to market an innovative solution for flexible electrical insulation applications, with the quality and performance you expect from us.

ELANTAS offers an uncompromising selection of insulation components designed to ensure superior reliability, efficiency, and performance of electrical equipment.

Flexible Electrical Insulation material applications:
• AC motors
• DC motors
• Generators
• Dry type transformers
• Electronics industry


When it comes to electrical insulation, ELANTAS applies the most demanding of standards to its entire process – from development to production and ultimately delivery; giving you a dependable solution that unites the recognized impregnation expertise of ELANTAS with its specialty resin technology and advanced application knowledge.

Profile Electrical Insulation
ELANTAS produces insulating materials for the electrical and electronics industry. They are found in electric motors, household appliances, cars, generators, transformers, capacitors, digital cameras, wind mills, computers, lamps, circuit boards, and sensors, and help to ensure that product design engineers can construct ever smaller and more powerful electronic devices, thus saving materials and energy.