Masking Compound with no heat cure required

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  • ELAN-Plus™ MR 7402 masking compound is thixotropic and provides excellent coverage for vertical and horizontal surfaces, bolts, and bolt holes.


  • ELAN-Plus™ MR 7402 does not sag or run during varnish cure. It also offers easy substrate clean up after cure with a scraper or spatula, requiring minimal bolt hole thread cleaning or obstruction during reassembly.


ELAN-Plus™ MR 7402
ELAN-Plus™ MR 7402 is an opaque white paste that acts as a masking agent in order to protect surfaces that are not intended to be coated during a painting or varnishing operation. It can be applied by brush, spatula, or a gloved hand, and it requires no heat cure. Treated units can be coated or impregnated immediately.


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