On-Demand Webinar: Motor Potting & Encapsulation

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On-Demand Webinar:
Motor Potting & Encapsulation - For Today & Tomorrow
The next generation of motor requirements will require enhanced mechanical strength and thermal management, particularly for motors under high frequency impulse stress. This can be solved with encapsulation and potting materials using a process optimized for the part design.

This webinar will outline the different stresses and conditions of the newest motor designs, and how material and process selection can optimize performance. Trends in motor design are resulting in higher thermal, mechanical, and electrical stresses, including impulse-driven motors. We will discuss how these stresses can be mitigated through a variety of chemistries and processing methods. Our expertise in formulating, prototyping, and material testing has given us the ability to develop solutions for these changes in the industry.

We will explore proven formulas of various chemistries that have been developed over 100 years of field experience in potting and encapsulating motors. Learn how to choose the correct product based on the many factors to be considered.

We will also highlight processing variables that could impact the quality of your encapsulation and the resulting performance. Our experts can guide you through the optimization process to take the guesswork out of your processing decisions.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to improve environmental resistance
  • Discover enhanced mechanical strength
  • Identify better thermal management techniques
  • Understand the do's and don't's of the encapsulation process


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