Custom Fabrication - Water Jet

Service Detail from Elasto Proxy Inc.

Custom Fabrication - Water Jet-Image

What is so dynamic about our in-house water jet machine is the enormous amount of cutting opportunity that it offers. The two Ingersoll-Rand® heads direct sprays of 50 000 psi towards the 5' x 10' cutting surface. Having such intense pressure through an orifice of only 0.005 inches gives us the ability to cut through almost any rubber compound with pinpoint accuracy!

Using polymer ("super") water increases speed giving us finer and faster cuts. Having this level of accuracy not only enables us to cut thumbnail sized gaskets, it also allows for a clean cut of extruded profiles. When cutting a profile by guillotine or saw, the resulting edge is often beveled which is difficult, if not impossible to bond. The clean cut we get when using the water jet makes for smooth, precise and reliable joints. Also, because the pressure from the heads is so intense, we can stack multiple sheets of rubber on the cutting surface and cut countless parts at the same time without compromise to the finished product!

This decreases total cutting time, thus decreasing the cost to our customer. Cost is further lowered by having the water jet machine on site thus lowering overhead and eliminating extra shipping charges.