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Need multipoint measurements of thermal mass flow?

Featured Product from Eldridge Products, Inc.

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Multipoint Systems are designed to measure gas flows where two or more sensing points are required due to large cross-sectional areas, such as large air intake ducts or air exhaust and flue stacks. Our Series 9000MP Multipoint Systems are installed throughout the world, providing our customers with years of steady, reliable service. Coupled with our new Air Purge System, the Series 9000MP Multipoint Systems are now well-suited to an even greater variety of industrial applications. The probe design supports applications as diverse as ambient air flows in HVAC ducts, exhaust gas in large diameter stacks, boiler NOx efficiency systems and municipal waste incinerators. Our customers include environmental/HVAC system integrators, pulp & paper mills, power & energy companies, etc. across the US, Europe and Asia. The configuration and installation options support facility retrofits as well as the most modern new construction requirements.