Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel Conduit

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“The use of stainless steel for the core of a liquidtight flexible conduit provides exceptional resistance to corrosive atmospheres such as chemical processing, water treatment plants and other specialty applications where standard plated steel may not be adequate,” states Dan Coolidge, Application Engineer at Electri-Flex. “The inner stainless steel core provides not only corrosion-resistance, but also offers additional high mechanical strength,” advised Coolidge.

Electri-Flex Company now provides five varieties of jacketed stainless steel flexible conduits and one unjacketed conduit. These types provide a broad array of variations dedicated to specific applications, such as Food Processing, Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Oil & Gas Refineries, Ship Building, Steel Mills, Power Plants, and Defense. Specialty product features include, but are not limited to, Food Grade/NSF Certified, Industrial Grade, Halogen-Free, Low Fire Hazard, and Extreme High/Low Temperature varieties.

Type LSSFG is a Food Grade conduit solution, ideal for Food Processing and Pharmaceutical facilities. The flexible PVC jacketing is made from an FDA-approved compound and the core is a corrosion-resistant continuous strip of 316L stainless steel. LSSFG meets FDA CFR21 and NSF 51/61 requirements and is a Certified Component for NSF/ANSI 169 special purpose food equipment.

Type LTSS has a flexible PVC jacket over a corrosion-resistant continuous strip of 304L stainless steel core. LTSS is an Industrial Grade solution, designed for a variety of installations requiring motion, vibration and bending. It is both UV and oil resistant.

Type ZHSS is made from a zero-halogen polyurethane jacketing that provides low-smoke, low-fire hazard, low-toxicity and self-extinguishing characteristics. The core is a corrosion-resistant continuous strip of 316L stainless steel. ZHSS is designed for applications where safety concerns exist regarding a material’s reaction in a fire and is resistant to UV, ozone, hydrocarbons and moderate chemicals and oils.

Type ATXSS is an Extreme High/Low temperature conduit solution, providing a working temperature range of -60°C to 150°C (Intermitting to 165°C). Its flexible thermoplastic rubber jacketing provides a halogen-free, UV-stabilized, extreme high/low temperature range, with a flame rating of UL94-HB. The core is made of a corrosion-resistant continuous strip of 316L stainless steel.

Type ATSS is an All Temperature conduit, made with a flexible PVC jacketing that offers working temperatures of -55°C to 105°C (Intermitting to 120°C). The core is made from a corrosion-resistant continuous strip of 316L stainless steel. ATSS is designed for corrosive applications in high / low temperature environments.

Type SSL stainless steel conduit is available with either a corrosion-resistant continuous strip of 304L or 316L stainless alloys. Type SSL is extra flexible for tight bend applications and is designed for corrosive applications that do not require a jacket.

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