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Liquatite® Conduit Engineered for Data Centers

Featured Product from Electri-Flex Company

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ELECTRI-FLEX COMPANY, Roselle, IL USA, manufactures Liquatite® flexible electrical conduits engineered for Data Center installations. Liquatite® provides high-quality Data Center wiring protection solutions that offer physical protection to wires and cables, flexibility to bend where wiring needs to go, conduit with colored jacketing to identify critical circuitry, UL-listed and CSA-certified varieties, and halogen-free, low fire hazard solution types.


Data Centers require adaptable solutions that assure safety and security, providing durable wiring protection, circuitry identification, and safeguarding critical wiring infrastructure. Our Liquatite® polyurethane jacketing addresses stringent Data Center safety standards by being a halogen-free material, which significantly reduces the risk of toxic smoke and fire spread. These conduits are a low-fire hazard solution, featuring self-extinguishing properties that enhance safety in enclosed spaces. Additionally, colored conduits are available to help identify critical wiring infrastructure, with common options like computer blue and red, and the flexibility to blend colors to meet specific requests. Furthermore, Electri-Flex’s flexible conduits are UL and CSA certified, ensuring the highest standards of safety and durability. These certifications provide additional assurance that our products are designed to protect critical data center infrastructure effectively.


Electri-Flex's master reels prioritize productivity, logistics, and customization for seamless installations. Master reels offer significant solutions to data center installations, providing on-demand adaptability that enhances efficiency and flexibility.


Data Center wiring can be installed in overhead distribution systems or from under a raised floor in ladder racks. Flexible electrical conduit is used in either application, offering a bendable path for wiring needs, and protecting important wiring from dust and debris. Electri-Flex manufactures jacketed metallic flexible conduits that are ideally suited for these applications.


  • Type CBLA is the most commonly used type of jacketed flexible conduit. It is easily identifiable with its computer blue jacketing color, is both UL-listed and CSA-certified, made with a hot-dipped galvanized steel core, and has a flexible PVC jacketing.
  • Type ZHLA is a Zero-Halogen, or Halogen-Free, low-fire hazard solution and is ideally suited for enclosed installations, and is both UL-listed and CSA-certified. The core is made of hot-dipped galvanized steel but the jacketing is a flexible, zero-halogen polyurethane. It omits low amounts of non-toxic smoke, has a low flame spread, and is self-extinguishing. It is available in a variety of jacketing colors, including black (standard), red, blue, gray, orange, yellow, green, and more.


Discover the full benefits of Electri-Flex’s Data Center installation solutions. Watch the Liquatite Data Center video or download the latest Liquatite Data Center Sheet to learn more.


Electri-Flex Company, a leader in electrical conduit design and manufacture for nearly 70 years, produces Liquatite®, the most diverse line of liquidtight flexible electrical conduit in the industry. The company offers custom design, engineering, quality assurance, and testing capabilities. For more information on Electri-Flex Company, call (630) 529-2920 or (800) 323-6174; fax: (630) 529-0482; e-mail: mktg@electriflex.com; visit: www.electriflex.com; or write: 222 West Central Avenue, Roselle, IL, 60172-1994.