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Oil-Resistant Liquatite® Flexible Conduit Type LT

Featured Product from Electri-Flex Company

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Type LT Liquatite® flexible conduit is manufactured with an upgraded PVC jacketing. This jacketing makes Type LT an improved Oil-Resistant solution. The new jacketing also provides Sunlight Resistance (UV), a wider temperature range, and a flame retardant in the liquidtight jacketing.

Type LT is a general purpose, non-UL, spec grade, liquidtight, steel conduit that is designed for a variety of installations requiring motion, vibration and bending. It now offers working temperatures of -30°C to 80°C Dry / 60°C Wet / 70°C Oil. Applications include Machine Tools (OEM), outdoor applications such as Renewable Energy or Telecommunications, or industrial environments such as, Oil & Gas Refineries, Power Plants, Steel Mills and Utilities.

Type ALT is a lightweight alternative to LT, as the jacketing is made of the same PVC material, but weighs considerably less due to the use of an aluminum inner core instead of steel. Type ALT is resistant to oils and mild acids, is sunlight resistant (UV), lightweight, and contains a flame-retardant in the jacketing.

Type LTSS is a stainless steel core variety that offers excellent resistance to corrosive atmospheres as well as high mechanical strength due to its construction. Type LTSS also utilizes the same LT jacketing, providing oil-resistance, sunlight resistance (UV), and a flame-retardant in the jacketing.

Electri-Flex Company offers over 30 varieties of Oil-Resistant flexible electrical conduit, both metallic and nonmetallic varieties are available, and are well suited for a diverse range of markets and applications. Visit https://www.electriflex.com/product-catalog/ to learn more.