Quickly ID Circuits with Colored Flexible Conduit

Product Announcement from Electri-Flex Company

Color conduits are available in cream, brown, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, white, as well as many other desired colors. Dyes can be blended to meet any color request. Installations requiring color customization include computer rooms, hospitals and healthcare, caution areas, construction, auto repair, fire alarms, security systems, dairy equipment, plus many more.

Standard colors for conduit are black and gray, with colors available upon request. A variety of conduit types including LA, LT, LOR, EF, ATLA, AT, ATX, ALT, ACEA, CEA, SLA, EMS, EMCS, LNM-P, NM, and NMHT are available in colors.

To receive a copy of the Color Conduit Application Guide, please visit www.electriflex.com, or email Marketing at mktg@electriflex.com.

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