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ELECTRI-FLEX COMPANY, Roselle, IL, has recently launched a new video in its Specialty Liquatite® Conduits Video Series, featuring Zero-Halogen Flexible Electrical Conduit. This new specialty conduit video features Joe Fedoruk and Tong Gigac, Sales, discussing the benefits, product options, and applications of these liquidtight Zero-Halogen conduit types.

Electri-Flex manufactures many varieties of Zero-Halogen flexible electrical conduits that virtually eliminate the release of the toxic gases found in PVC products. These low fire hazard conduit types are made of polyurethane and nylon jackets and omit low amounts of non-toxic smoke, have a low flame spread, are self-extinguishing, and are non-halogen emitting. Fedoruk states, “The main reason why we use our Zero-Halogen conduit is public safety concerns, especially in confined areas, which are the ideal application installation.” All Zero-Halogen flexible conduits fall well below the allowable maximums for the following standards:

  • UL 94 & UL 360 for flammability
  • ASTM E162 for low flame spread
  • ASTM E662 for low smoke generation
  • Bombardier SMP800-C for toxic gas production

The video demonstrates a Beilstein test performed on a Zero-Halogen and a PVC conduit to highlight the presence of halogens in the PVC conduit.

Electri-Flex features 8 types of halogen-free products, each with various features and benefits, making them ideal solutions for specific applications. Zero-Halogen conduit applications include: public transit stations, trains, tunnels, elevators, escalators, underground facilities, heating and cooling equipment, hospitals, shipbuilding, and data centers. Product types include:

  • Type ZHLA, both UL listed and CSA certified, is made with a polyurethane jacketing and hot-dipped galvanized steel core. Also available with blue or red jacketing colors for Data Center applications.
  • Type ZHSS is made with a polyurethane jacketing and stainless steel core, ideal for corrosive environments.
  • Type CEA, a non-UL conduit, made with a polyurethane jacketing and plated steel core.
  • Type ACEA is made with a polyurethane jacketing and aluminum core providing a corrosion-resistant, lightweight, halogen-free solution.
  • Types HFSLA, HFEMS, HFEMCS provide a Good, Better, Best EMI/RFI Shielding Zero-Halogen solution. Part of the Shield-Flex® line of conduits. Type HFSLA is UL listed.
  • Type CLFR, made of nylon 6 material and part of the Corrlok®/Reiku System, provides continued flexing, corrosion-resistance, high/low temperature and offers a small bend radius.

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