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Scintilators - High Energy Particle Detection

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A Scintillator Detector is used to measure charged particles and gamma rays. The scintillations produced by these charged particles and gamma rays in a phosphor are detected and amplified by a photomultiplier, giving an electrical output signal.

Syntillator Detectors include:

Scintillator Materials include:

Ce:GAGG Crystal
Ce:GAGG Ceramics
Ce:YAP Crystal
Ce:YAG Crystal
Ce:LYSO Crystal
Csl(TI) Crystal
GOS Ceramic
Nal(TI) Crystal
BGO Crystal
CdWO4 Crystal
Eu:CaF2 Crystal
Plastic Scintillator
BaF2 Crystal
CdZnTe Detector
CdZnTe Probe