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Miniature Spectrometer - Relaibly Covers UV to NIR

Featured Product from Electro Optical Components, Inc.

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EOC-SI-1010 employs UV-enhanced 512pixels linear CMOS, and UV response is improved 20 times with a 180-1100nm wavelength range measurements.  CMOS sensor exposure time is controlled within 1ms
enable the user to control SNR accurately.

EOC-SI-1010 is ideal for UV, visible, and near infrared spectroscopy applications. Different slits, gratings, mirrors, and filters are available. You can configure this spectrometer for different applications depending on your requirements.

  • Spectral range is from 180nm to 1100nm. 
  • The spectral resolution can be selected from 0.2 to 5.0nm
  • Optical fiber or free-space input light from the SMA905 interface.
  • Measure it according to the set integration time, and
    output the measurement result via USB2.0 (high
    speed) or UART.

Electro Optical Components offers a variety of spectroscopy solutions; handheld, miniature, benchtop and laboratory solutions.