New Picowatt Photoreceiver with Switchable Gain

Featured Product from Electro Optical Components, Inc.

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The picowatt photoreceiver series PWPR-2K features include:

  • Ultra-low noise, NEP ≤ 10 fW/√Hz
  • Si and InGaAs models cover the wavelength range from 320 to 1700 nm
  • Bandwidth DC to 2 kHz
  • Transimpedance gain switchable 109 V/A, 1010 V/A
  • Free-space input 1.035″-40 threaded, alternatively 25 mm diameter unthreaded
  • Easily convertible to fiber optic input (FC and FSMA) with optionally available screw-on adapters

In addition to precise and fast cw-measurements the relatively large bandwidth from DC to 2 kHz also allows time-resolved and modulated measurements. Particularly the combination with lock-in amplifiers results in ultra-sensitive measurement systems being almost immune to disturbances from external sources. In this way the PWPR-2K can easily detect optical powers from about 100 fW up to 10 nW.