Smallest MEMS VOC Gas Sensor

Featured Product from Electro Optical Components, Inc.

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This MEMS sensor is consisted of nano-particle metal oxide sensing layer, micro heater, micro thickness membrane and Read-out IC. These technologies provide high sensitivity, low-power consumption, fast response, small size, long-term stability and is temperature compensated.

TED110 is a multi-gas sensor for monitoring Carbon monoxide(CO), combustible gases and a volatile organic compounds(VOCs), and also can be used as an equivalent carbon dioxide(eCO2) sensor.

Advantages of this system:

     Small SMP packaging (3 x 3 x 1mm) with ROIC

     Self-Temperature compensation

     Long-term stability

     High sensitivity

     Fast response time

     Low Cost

     Low power consumption


     Air pollution monitoring

     Mobile smart device (phones, tablets, watches. etc)

     Air quality monitoring (indoor, vehicle, parking, loT etc.)

     Ventilation (house, class room, industry and office etc.)

     Gas leak detection

     Breath checker (breathalyzer)

     Air conditioner, Hood, Air cleaner, Boiler

     Early fire detection 

MEMS High-performance thermopile detectors with ASIC for non-contact infrared temperature measurement solutions are also available.