The Best Signal Recovery Amplifiers - DC to 2 GHz

Featured Product from Electro Optical Components, Inc.

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The DDPCA-300 features:

  • switchable gain from 104 to 1013 V/A
  • Extremely low noise  input of 0.4 fA/√Hz minimum allowing measurement of currents in the femto to pico Ampere range. 

The DLPCA-200 has:

  • Variable gain from 103 to 1011 V/A
  • Detection of sub-pA to 10 mA
  • Bandwidth DC to 500 kHz.

The DHPCA-100 features:

  • Bandwidth DC up to 200 MHz
  • Rise time down to 1.8 ns
  • Variable gain from 102 to 108 V/A

The HSA-X-2-40 has:

  • 670 pV (pico volt - 10^-12) noise levels
  • 40dB VA gain at the 2GHz high frequency end. 

The OE-200 Photoreceiver has:

  • Adjustable Conversion Gain from 103 to 1011 V/W
  • Equ. Input Noise down to 10 fW/√Hz

And everything in between.

The FEMTO line of high quality specialty amplifiers for signal recovery and processing are sold by Electro Optical Components.  These products include Low Noise Current Amplifiers, High and Low Frequency Voltage Amplifiers, Photoreceivers, High Speed GHz Amplifiers and Lock-In Amplifiers.