UV APDs for Low Level UV Signal Detection

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The Silicon Carbide (SiC) UV APDs are extremely sensitive and have high signal gain, but are only sensitive to UV (see wavelength response curve above).   Because the substrate is tougher SiC, the bias voltage is higher than silicon based devices, around 180 VDC.  Besides responding only to the UV, the tough silicon carbide (SiC) gives you:

            Stability in high energy UV applications

            Higher temperature stability than silicon

The general specifications are:

                        Sensitivity      1 nW/cm2

                        Gain                105 - 106

                        Bias Voltage   ?180 VDC

The SiC UV APDs are ideal for a variety of low UV light applications including:

     Flame detection

     UV photon counting

     Low level UV monitoring

     Solid state replacement for PMTs (PhotoMultiplier Tubes)