Vibration Switches for Industrial Processes

Featured Product from Electro-Sensors, Inc.

Vibration Switches for Industrial Processes-Image

The VS1 Vibration Monitor is a rugged, compact, stand-alone vibration monitor engineered to protect industrial machinery against excessive vibration levels caused by imbalance, misalignment, looseness, or worn bearings.

The VS2 Vibration Monitor is a rugged and compact, stand-alone vibration monitor ideal for use on vibratory conveyors or other deliberately vibrating machinery.

Features of both the VS1 and VS2:

  • Protect your machinery - safeguard your operations
  • LEDs for at-a-glance output status and circuit condition.
  • Compact and rugged enclosure installs virtually anywhere.
  • Monitors over- or under-vibration.
  • Adjustable alarm delay prevents false shutdowns.
  • Failsafe connected output permits alarm and shutdown control logic.
  • SPDT relay or NPN output available.

Explosion Proof versions are available for these monitors.