CellMite Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioners

Featured Product from Electro Standards Laboratories

CellMite® Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioners

Whether you need a board to embed into your product, a single encased unit, or a network of signal conditioners, wired or wireless, your solution lies within the CellMite® family of Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioners. All units feature TEDS-Tag® Auto Load Cell/LVDT Identification.

CellMites® connect directly to a standard strain gage, load cell, extensometer, pressure transducer or AC LVDT transducer and simultaneously generate a serial output for connection to a PC and a +/-10V analog output. CellMites can be operated with a computer or simply setup by a computer and then used as stand-alone units. Units are available with up to 4 channels. CellMites® operate with LVDT, Strain Gage, and Mixed LVDT and Strain Gage channels.

CellMite® Features:

  • Conversion rate 60 per second
  • Storage for 3 calibrated load cells
  • Calibration options: 2 pt., mV/V
  • Scalable 16-bit +/-10V analog output
  • Tare, peak, valley
  • Units of Cm, mm, In, %, Lb, Kg, mV/V, and user- defined
  • CellView Lite and CellView Multi-Display Software are optional

CellView Lite Software

The CellView Lite Windows-based Software provides an easy graphical user interface (GUI) to CellMite® products.

  • Easy guides through adding/removing CellMite® units.
  • Stores calibration data for three sensors.
  • Guides user through sensor calibration.
  • Ability to individually name CellMite® units.
  • Tare and reset peak and valley for sensor.
  • Set output data with a quadratic filter.
  • Save/Load the CellMite® unit and sensor setup information.
  • Setup a test to start and stop automatically.
  • LEDs indicate operational status of the CellView Lite interface.
  • Save date, calibration, and sensor test information to spread sheets.
  • Control output with two relay switches and analog output of voltage.
  • Units of Lb, Kg, In, Cm, %, and User-defined.

CellView Multi-Display Software Features:

  • Turnkey simultaneous data acquisition system for networked CellMite and CellMite LVDT units
  • Supports mix and match of CellMite and CellMite LVDT units on network
  • Ability to define 8 simultaneous data displays form multiple channels on multiple units
  • Save data, calibration, and sensor test information to Excel spreadsheets for all networked units
  • Guide user through sensor calibrations
  • Guides user through adding/removing networked CellMite units
  • Ability to select and name any networked units
  • Tare and reset peak and valley for sensors
  • Save/Load units and sensor setup information
  • Set output data with user-defined 5th order polynomial function
  • Setup a test to start and/or stop automatically with user selectable trigger events and delayed triggering
  • Multi sample rate data acquisition via user-definable logging profile
  • User-programmable analog output voltage range for attached CellMite and CellMite LVDT unit

All CellMite® products are available for export.