High Speed Ruggedized ST Fiber-to-RS422 Converter

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Very High Speed Ruggedized ST Fiber-to-RS422 Interface Converter

 The Model 4045 is a high speed ruggedized ST Fiber to RS422 interface converter.  Typical operating speeds are up to 12.6 Mbps for RS422 to fiber conversion.  When operating in RS422 mode, the converter is configured for 4-wire full duplex operation.

APPLICATIONS: The converter provides an industrial solution for applications requiring a single point-to-point or a communications link over short and long distances.  

  • PC to PC Long Distance Communications
  • Factory Automation
  • Data Collection Devices
  • Barcode Readers
  • Time Clocks, Scales
  • Data Entry Terminals, ATM's
  • Serial Communications in Harsh Environments 

The converter is powered from a +28V power source via the DB9 connector from a customer supplied power supply.  Other features include TX, RX and Power indicator LEDs.


  • Model 4045 converts ST Duplex Fiber to Copper RS422 DB9 (F) port.
  • Supports constructing an optically isolated high speed communication link between connected devices.
  • Typical operating speeds are up to 12.6 Mbps for RS422 to fiber conversion.
  • Provides full galvanic isolation (no metallic connection) between connected devices.
  • LED Status indicators display Fiber RX, TX activity and power indication.


  •  Fiber Interface:
    • Connectors: Fiber Optic ST Female, Multimode
    • TX Power: -14 dBm with 62.5/125µm Fiber
    • RX Sensitivity: -24 dBm with 62.5/125µm Fiber
    • Optical Budget: 10 dB
    • Max. Link Distance with 62.5/125µm Fiber:
      • 2 kM at up to 12.6 Mbps
    • Wavelength: 850 nm, multimode
    • Fiber Size: 50/125 µm, 62.5/125 µm, 100/140 µm.
  • Copper Interface:
    • Connectors: DB9, Female
    • Type: RS422 (4-wire) 
  • Bit Rate (nom.):
    • RS422: 0 to 12.6 Mbps
  • Network Configurations:
    • RS422   Point-to-Point
  • Indicators:
    • (1) Red: Fiber RCV (RX Data)
    • (1) Yellow: Fiber XMT (TX Data)
    • (1) Green: Power Indicator
  • Power:
    • Input Power: (8-32 VDC) +28VDC (Nominal).  
    • Connectors: DB9F, Pin 1 (+28V), Pin 5 (GND)
    • Customer Supplied power to unit via DB9(F) connector. 
  • Model 4045 Mechanical (Desktop Unit):  
    • Model 4045, Cat No: 304045
    • Size: 3.14" x 1.77" x 1.08" (8.0 cm x 4.5 cm x 2.8 cm)
    • Weight: 0.2 lb (74g) 

Model 4045 Very High Speed Ruggedized Fiber RS422 Converter Block Diagram.
 Model 4045 block diagram illustrating ST Fiber to Copper Conversion.

MODELS 4165, 4165-DIN, or 4166 to MODEL 4045 APPLICATION: PC/Host USB (Copper) to Multimode Fiber Link (Glass Fiber) to DB9 (Copper) to RS422 Serial Interface / Network. (Models 4165 or 4166 to Model 4045)

Model 4165, 4165-DIN, or 4166 to Model 4045 Application drawing.

MODEL 4045 to MODELS 4152 or 4153 APPLICATION: From a Controller RS422 to Multimode Fiber Link (Glass Fiber) to DB9 (RS485/422/232) (Copper) to a PC/Terminal. (Model 4045 to Models 4152 or 4153)

Model 4045 to Model 4152 or 4153 application drawing.

MODEL 4045 to MODEL 4179 APPLICATION (RS422 to Multimode Fiber to (POF) Fiber): From a Controller to ESL Model 4045 RS422 (Copper) to ST Fiber to ESL Model 4179, SC Fiber (Glass Fiber, Multimode Fiber Link) to POF Fiber (Plastic Optical Fiber, Versalink).

Model 4045 to Model 4179 Application drawing.

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