SCUPS® & Other Lithium Ion Capacitor Power Systems

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Electro Standards Laboratories has direct experience with pulsed power energy systems, load leveling for wireless electric vehicle charging, wave energy harvesting, and hybrid energy storage systems (HESS) that combine batteries, supercapacitors, and converter power electronics. ESL R&D services provide its clients with a research and development partner that can assist in any phase of development from conception to production.  Please visit our Power Storage & Management webpage by clicking here.

One example is the SCUPS® Model 1026 Super Capacitor Uninterruptible Power Supply, Board Unit 

The SCUPS®Model 1026 Super Capacitor Uninterruptible Power Supply  is designed to provide backup DC power to a nominal 12VDC system in the event that the primary power supply is interrupted.  Loss of the primary power supply is automatically detected and DC power is then supplied from theSCUPS®.  Once the primary power is restored, it is routed to the load and used to recharge the super capacitor in the SCUPS™.  The use of the super capacitor for energy storage provides a very low maintenance solution with extremely high cycle life and without the shelf life concerns of the typical battery backup systems.  The SCUPS™ is perfect for low power remote systems where primary power can be interrupted.  Typical applications include remote locations with intermittent grid power or renewable energy systems such as solar powered systems.  The SCUPS®is easily integrated into user equipment or can be supplied in a standalone package.


  • Max Power to Load:
    • 12W, 12 VDC at 1A
  • Max Primary Load Voltage:
    • 15 VDC
  • Voltage during Hold up:
    • 11.6 VDC
  • Hold Up Time:
    • 14 minutes with 1A Load
    • 29 minutes with 0.5A Load
  • Full Recharge Time:
    • 101 minutes from full discharge to full charge
  • Min. Recharge Time:
    • 41 minutes from full discharge (nominal times at 22°C)
  • Energy Storage:
    • Lithium Ion Super Capacitor
  • Status Signals:
    • Digital: 2-State of Charge, Primary-ON, Backup-ON
  • Temperature:
    • -25°C to 65°C 
  • Dimensions:
    • 6.5" x 4.75" x 1.125" (includes super capacitor) 
  • Weight: 
    • 16.3 oz (includes super capacitor)

 Another example of ESL's design expertise is the first of its Energy ActionSystem Lithium Ion Capacitor Development Shelves, the Model 3312, Cat# 331209.  An industry first, the Lithium Ion Capacitor (LiC) Development Shelf provides a series connection of up to 9 LiC modules (108 LiC cells) along with associated protection, monitoring, and cell balancing circuitry that can be incorporated into a larger system design or used by itself in applications requiring high power, high energy LiC energy storage.  

Electro Standards Laboratories can assist in integrating Lithium Ion Capacitor Systems into any application along with associated protection, monitoring, and cell balancing circuitry that can be incorporated into a larger system design or used by itself in applications requiring high power, high energy LiC energy storage.   

LiC Supercapacitor Systems are ideal for applications that require bidirectional high power pulses, very low leakage, very high cycle life, and exceptional energy density. 

  • IMPROVED CAPABILITY: Rapid and reliable energy discharge to power tactical equipment.
  • EXTENDED ENDURANCE: Longer life compared to batteries.
  • ECONOMICAL: Long life and reliability reduce cost
  • IMPROVED SAFETY: Safe and reliable use between -30°C to 70°C; abuse tolerant 

Applications where LiC power systems can be utilized for superior performance are noted below.

  • Energy Regeneration – Effective Use of Energy
    • Construction Machinery, Forklifts, Gantry Cranes, etc.
  • Storage – Small Weight Saving
    • AGV, PV/LED Lighting, Medical Applicances, etc.
  • Backup/Peak Assist – Long Compensation Time
    • Voltage Sag Compensator, Emergency Shutoff Valve, Large-sized Manufacture Equipment, etc. 
  • Leveling– Stabilization of Electric Power Quality
    • Photovoltaics, Wind Power Generation, etc.

Custom Lithium Ion Capacitor Development Shelf Configurations are available to meet your application requirements. Our Engineering Team is ready to work with you. Call 401-943-1164 or e-mail: